Marine Trailer Accessories

  • PVC Boat Trailer Components

    Polyvinyl Chloride is a compounded Thermoplastic polymer used in conjunction with plasticizers to obtain ultimate flexibility, strength, clarity and UV Stability. Caliber's Plasticized PVC Durometer has been targeted to obtain ultimate tensile strength, abrasion resistance and is non-marking to boats.
  • Marine SlidesTM

    Makes launching your boat or watercraft easy, slides effortlessly off bunks and into the water. The new unique profile provides extra cushioning between the boat and trailer bunks. Washout channels flush sand and debris off of the slides and away from the hull.
  • Bunk Wraps

    With Bunk Wraps there is no need to remove your old worn out carpet. Just mount the Bunk Wraps right over the top! Less strain on arms, ropes and pulleys. Guaranteed not to crack, chip, or wear out, and is impervious to sun and salt.