Trailer Bunk Wraps

Replace your old, dry rotted carpeted bunks and save your gel coat.

  • OEM Marine Trailer and Dock Applications only (Not for consumer purchase) - Call for Details
  • Reduce force required to load or unload your boat by over 400%
  • Less strain on arms, ropes and pulleys
  • Carpet allows fine particles of sand to embed into the carpet that slowly grinds away at your gel coat
  • Wash out channels flush sand, salt and other debris away from the hull
  • Guaranteed not to crack, chip, or wear out, and is impervious to sun and salt
Installation Note:
With Bunk Wraps there is no need to remove your old worn out carpet. Just mount the Bunk Wraps right over the top!
Make sure to put a layer of wax on you hull during installation.