Frequently Asked Questions



Can I purchase products directly from Caliber?

Caliber does not sell product directly to the public. Caliber’s customers are major distributors which sell to a worldwide network of dealerships.

Where can I purchase Caliber Products?

Any of your local power sports dealership can purchase Caliber products through their distributors. If the Caliber product you are looking for is not on the showroom floor ask for it by name. Another option is to search the internet for a specific Caliber product. Many dealers have websites which sell our product.


Does Caliber warranty their products?

Caliber, Inc. warrants that thier product will be free from defects in material or workmanship under normal use, installation and service. Caliber, Inc. reserves the right, before having any obligation under this limited warranty, to inspect the damaged Caliber product. All warranty shipping costs for inspection shall be borne solely by the purchaser. This limited warranty is non-transferable.

Caliber, Inc. shall not be liable for any special, incidental or consequential damages, including, but not limited to, lost revenues, lost profits, personal injury, damage to property, and third-party claims, arising out of any warranty, contract, statutory or tort. Notwithstanding the term of any limited warranty or any warranty implied by law, or in the event that any limited warranty fails of its essential purpose, in no event will Caliber’s entire liability exceed the purchase price of this product.

What action should I take if the product is under warranty?

To replace a product under warranty, send the product along with a copy of the receipt to verify the date of purchase to:

Attn: Warranty Return
12571 Oliver Avenue, Suite 600
Burnsville, MN 55337

*Be sure to include your name and shipping information. Upon receipt of the product and copy of the sales receipt we will send you a replacement part. If you have any questions, or would like to purchase parts for product outside of the 1 year warranty, please call 952-985-9999.

My product is out of warranty, but it has a broken part. Will Caliber sell me replacement parts?

Yes, Caliber will sell you replacement parts. Our dealer network carries only the complete product. To check availability, pricing or to place an order please call us at 952-985-9999, or e-mail us at


Will Marine Slides scratch my hull?

After extensive testing of all brands of marine slides we have found that all slides will, under some conditions, scratch your Boat/Watercraft hull. This usually occurs when the slides or hull is dirty or sandy.

It is a common misconception that carpet (used on most trailer bunks) will not scratch your boat. Carpet in-fact will scratch your boat with fine sand particles that are embedded in the carpet. Carpet is however good at dispersing gel-coated material (widely used to manufacture boat hulls) so the owner does not see that his carpet is in fact harming his/her hull. Conversely, Marine Slides will show signs of material being deposited on them from your hull.

Is Slydz-On safe to use on my trailer bunks?

Slydz-On has been developed by Caliber to over come concerns of hull damage by carpet and all brands of Marine Slides. Slydz-On is a unique blend of lubricants that will not harm any boat surface. Slydz-On is safe to use on any size boat weather it be a 300 pound personal water craft or a 6000 lb. powerboat.

How long will Slydz-On last?

One bottle of Slydz-On will last a minimum of 40 launch cycles (loading and unloading on an 18 foot boat). For each application of Slydz-On, you will be able to launch your boat 20 plus times with ease.


What are the application differences between Low and High Flex-Glides?

The purpose of the High Flex-Glide is to stop the ski from damaging the inside wall of enclosed trailers. Low Flex-Glides work well in the middle of the trailer where the snowmobile has to drive over them to get to the ramp on the opposite side of the trailer. Both Low and High Flex-Glides will work on open V-Front trailers.

Should I use Grips or TraxMats on my trailer deck?

Grips work well for studded and non-studded tracks in all conditions, but have a high profile and may be in the way sometimes. TraxMats have a low profile and work well primarily with studded tracks. Grips will provide better traction than TraxMats if you choose not to clear snow and ice from your trailer.

Will the Grips wear out if my track is studded?

The Grips are made of High Density Polyethylene and will last the life of your trailer.

What are the advantages of standard Glides vs. Wide Glides?

Wide Glides are needed for dual runner skis like Ski-Doo_s Precision ski and Simons Flex ski. Wide Glides will offer a greater variance in ski stance. For example; if you plan to use your trailer for a snowmobile with a 43″ ski stance and a snowmobile with a 32″ ski stance, this can be accomplished with the Wide Glides. It is also easier to line up to Wide Glides on the trailer as you load your snowmobile.

What are the application differences between LowPro Glides and Multi-Glides?

LowPro Glides work well in enclosed trailers when the trailer will be used as a shop, where Multi-Glides might be easier to trip on. This is also true if you plan to use the trailer for transporting other items such as ATVs, motorcycles, lawn mowers, etc& Multi-Glides work well on ramps and tilt trailers, because the snowmobile skis will stay in the grooves and keep the sled traveling in the right direction when entering the ramp or trailer at an angle.

Can the Poly Shield be installed on a V-Front trailer even though the shield is straight?

Yes, the Poly Shield can be installed so it is easily removable by unlatching four pins so the snowmobiles can be driven off the front of the trailer. If you choose to also put ski glides on the trailer, we recommend installing the LowPro Glides. Then when the Poly Shield sits on top of the glides, the gap between the shield and the trailer deck will be minimized providing you with maximum protection.

Will the TrailerLift hold up my trailer that is equipped with a salt shield?

The TrailerLift will hold up the deck of a typical 8′ x 8′ or 8′ x 10′ trailer with a plastic salt shield. Two TrailerLifts may need to be installed to hold up heavier shield, like some aluminum and fiberglass shields.

Will the TraxMat wear out if my track is studded?

The TraxMat is made of a high durometer recycled rubber that is very durable and holds up extremely well to studded tracks.