Sled Wheels Assembly Replacement Warranty Form

In our pursuit to provide the highest-quality of products to our customers, we maintain an in-depth continuous testing protocol. Through this process it has come to our attention and understanding that the original SledWheels hook and saddle assembly was comprised of a material formula that did not meet our standards of quality. For that, we have developed a replacement assembly which is 3x stronger than the original blend. These replacement assemblies are available to you at no cost, for shipping or replacement parts. Please review the information below prior to submitting your request for replacement parts.

The original SledWheels hook and saddle assemblies were either Red or Charcoal (Grey). The new assemblies being provided will be all black. If your SledWheels kit DOES NOT have ALL BLACK hook and saddle assembly components, please fill out the form below to request your replacement components and we will send them to the address provided.