We’re talking about traction?

Traction is a key component when it comes to loading and unloading powersports vehicles, and in this post, we are going to talk about the traction options Caliber has available, what their purpose is, and some recommendations for installation.

Traction is important for a few reasons:

  • Reduces track spin, making loading easier
  • Increases safety factor when loading and unload
  • Reducing track spin helps prevent damage and wear to your trailer


Our TraxMat provides the most coverage and the most protection out of our traction lineup. Primarily designed for studded and pre-studded tracks, it is 18″ wide and comes in two different lengths, 54″ and 72″. When installed, it sits only 3/8″ off the deck, providing you with low-profile protection. It is also designed and optimized for airflow. Meaning, you can install the product without worrying about moisture being trapped, compared to other similar options that are on the market.


Our TraxGrabber provides the most engagement for loading and unloading snowmobiles in our traction lineup and is typically recommended for incline surfaces. It has engagement knobs specifically designed to accommodate 2.52″, 2.86″, and 3.00″ pitches, to give you optimal traction for a wide variety of vehicles. It’s 16″ W x 22″ L x 3/4″ H and comes in a 2-piece kit. The TraxGrabber has a recommended spacing of 3-7/8″ to maintain that optimal track engagement. It works well with all track types, including studded and pre-studded, as long as the studs are installed to standard manufacturer spec., at 3/8″ above lug.


The Caliber Grip is our tried-and-true traction block. It comes as a 6 pc. kit – it is 15″ W x 3″ L x 3/4″ H, when installed. The Grip is a great option for adjusting the amount of traction or coverage you are looking for, which can be a more economical option, as well. The recommended spacing is 8″ on center, but can be spaced out more or less, depending on your preference or traction needs. Our Grip is great for all track types; studded, pre-studded, and not studded. It minimizes track spin, increases braking ability, and prevents your track from freezing to the trailer after a day on the snow.

Overall, all traction options available from Caliber will minimize track spin, increase braking ability, and prevent your track from freezing to the trailer. All Caliber products are made solid, so cutting your components to fit your installation needs WILL NOT jeopardize product functionality or warranty. All Caliber products are backed for life against manufacturer defects and part failures. When you choose Caliber products, you choose a product you can rely on.

To determine your product needs, visit our trailer configurator:

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Always remember, stay safe and get your ride on!

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