10 Tips for Preventative Maintenance

Trailer maintenance is an important part of transportation, whether it be for work or play. Here are 10 tips for preventative trailer maintenance, provided by our friends at M&G Trailer.

  1. Axle Service –
    • Typically recommended every 12 months or 12,000 mi.
      • Grease inside your axles can breakdown through time and usage, causing issues or additional wear to the axles.
    • Spindle nut and wheel bearing
      • There is an optimal amount of play required for a spindle nut, which determines the amount of bearing play you have – you do not want this too loose or too tight
        1. Improper bearing play can lead to wheel wobble and/or excess tire wear.
    • Axle lubrication
      • Ensure your axles are properly lubricated – usage heavily determines your frequency for needed lubrication. Recommendation is anywhere from quarterly to annually.
  2. Braking systems –
    • Braking systems are typically inspected during an axle service
      • Checking brakes before each haul is important to ensure your brakes are functioning properly.
      • If you have a trailer brake control, simply rolling and squeeze your controller to ensure your trailer brakes are operating correctly.
  3. Dump and tilt trailers –
    • Ensure that you are greasing the pivot points.
      • Depending on trailer usage, this may be as frequently as every quarter.
  4. Tire pressure –
    • There is a suggestion for optimal pressure indicated on your trailers tire – checking tire pressures is suggested before every use or trip.
  5. Lighting –
    • Inspect and check to see that your lighting and signals are working before every use or trip.
      • Some new vehicles do have a trailer light check built-in, but it is good to do a visual check as well.
  6. Lug Nuts –
    • Frequently checking the torque spec on your wheels is recommended
      • Once a month or before a long haul – depending on overall usage
    • Both steel and aluminum wheels
    • Recommended torque spec is 110 ft.-lbs.
  7. Tire wear and tread conditions –
    • Frequently inspect your tires abnormal or excess wear
      • Tires typically have a wear indicator in the tread – minimum recommended tire tread is 3/32 – a Penny works well for this if you don’t have a wear gauge.
    • Abnormal wear can be caused by several factors
      • Bent axles
      • Internal separation of the tire cords or layers (plys)
      • Weathering – dry-rotting or cracking
      • Bad wheel bearings
  8. Frame inspection –
    • Once or twice a year, inspect the frame of your trailer to ensure there are no bend, cracking welds, or electrical issues cause from hauling or transport.
  9. Suspension –
    • Torsion axles
      • There are 7 different angles from manufacturers of torsion axles –
        1. – 45, – 22.5, – 10.5, 0, 10.5, 22.5, and 45 deg. – an indicator of torsion axle wear, is the spacing between the top of your tire and the frame or wheel well of the trailer – low clearance may indicate axle wear.
    • Leaf springs
      • Typically areas to monitor for leaf springs include –
        1. Spring pockets
        2. Spring eyes
        3. Shackle plates
        4. Bushings
    • Heavy hauling or frequent use may require checking your suspension monthly. Otherwise, this is recommended quarterly or bi-annually.
  10. Cleanliness and/or corrosion –
    • This can typically be done during a frame inspection – road grime and chemicals can lead to corrosion or oxidation of your trailer. Making sure it is cleaned regularly will promote the longevity and life span of your trailer.

Thank you again to our friends over at M&G Trailer for providing this important maintenance and safety information for trailering and transportation. Be sure to check them out for all things trailer related, including Caliber Products.

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