Choosing the bunk solution that best fits your needs!

Choosing the bunk solution that best fits your needs – Caliber provides three different marine trailer products, with three different intended applications, and we want to help you choose the bunk solution that is best for your needs. Each is intended to make your loading and unloading experience easier and more efficient. In this post, we will provide some additional details to help you make your selection.

Before we get started, there are a few things we should consider before reviewing the product options:

  • What is the age/condition of your bunk boards?
  • What is the age/condition of your bunk carpet?
  • What type of boat/hull do you have?
  • How often do you load/unload or transport?


Slydz-On is a spray-on bunk lubricant that is a great option for those with newer bunks and carpet, those who don’t regularly load and unload, and those who are looking for a solution for painted hulls, fiberglass, or gel-coat boats. This simple solution works for all watercraft types. It penetrates and coats your bunk carpet fibers to aid in loading and unloading and lasts for about 20 cycles (load and unload) before reapplication is necessary. The number of cycles is dependent on a few factors including number of bunks on the trailer, boat weight, water depth, and others, determined by the amount of friction created during each cycle.

Slydz-On – Dock
Slydz-On Bunk Application
Slydz-On – Bunk Application

Marine Slides:

Marine Slides are a segmented installation that provide a significant reduction in loading friction compared to carpet – this is a great option for someone who may load and unload a few times per month or transports the watercraft to different bodies of water. Additionally, installed directly over bunk carpet, Marine Slides are a cost-effective accessory to make trailering your watercraft easier. With this segmented installation, you can customize the reduction in friction you want to achieve. The closer you space the slides together the more reduction you will have. The further you space them apart the less reduction you will have. Available in three colors (White, Black, and Yellow) and two sizes (1.5” and 3”), there are a variety of installation options to suit your needs.

Marine Slides_Beach
Marine Slides – Beach – PWC
Marine Slides_White_3inch
Marine Slides – White – 3″


BunkWrap is our premium option for bunk trailers. Providing a seamless, self-draining solution, with a 3/4-surround, and a built-in lubricant, providing our highest reduction in force for bunk products. For someone who loads and unloads regularly, this product will significantly change your loading and unloading experience at the landing. Designed for raw aluminum hulls, pontoons, PWCs, and poly-hull boats, this solution mounts directly over bare wood and is a lifetime replacement to bunk carpet. In addition to the built-in lubrication, BunkWrap has many additional features and benefits.

The self-draining system reduces deterioration and bunk rot, improving the longevity of your trailer. For saltwater applications, our proprietary material helps prevent electrolysis breakdown of aluminum. Our non-porous material also prevents invasive species from adhering to the bunk, helping minimize the spread from body of water to body of water. Take strain off your arms, ropes, pulleys, and bow-eyes when installing BunkWrap and spend more time on the water by improving your loading and unloading process.

Available in two sizes (2×4″ and 2×6″), two colors (Grey and Black), and two seamless kit lengths (16′ and 24″).

BunkWrap – Yacht Club Pontoon Trailer
BunkWrap - PWC Trailer - Beach
BunkWrap – PWC Trailer – Beach

The age and condition of your bunks and your frequency of trailering may influence the decision of which product is best for you, so we want to add some more detail. If you have new bunks/carpet and you don’t trailer often, Slydz-On may be the best option for you. If you have old bunks, torn carpet, and trailer often, BunkWrap may be the best option for you. With the questions above answered, and the additional product information, we hope this information helps in that decision-making process! Drop a comment below if you have any questions and we will help you as best we can!

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